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Pandora's Box

The point of Pandora'ś Box -- do not open it. This was a problem in the 17th century. Rather than resolving social and economic questions, the British, with Dutch support, set out to conquer the world. That has not worked out for conquerors, nor for the conquered. These priorities have had devastating consequences for chronic disease in particular in our time. Priorities are skewed; even knowledge is held in question. Data is not even sought.

Recognizing nature's data

Nature itself is very efficient in its use of data. This can be emulated. There is much data to be had and we need to make use of it. One good thing: Once tree-based designs are created, they can be applied to progressive generations of technology without modification. Similar to the great works of the symphonic music masters, such models could raise the health levels of all of the people.

Trees are the answer

Who would have thought that the answer to resolving the questions of nature and society was trees? Is this too easy? Yes and no. Knowing how to resolving the problems of the age and actually resolving them are two different things. Trees are the answer to planning in health and medicine, with direct links to medical and health practices, down to the most minute details. There is plenty of sunlight, of data, but not enough trees to absorb and interpret it.