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The concept

To achieve lasting solutions societal leaders need to combine knowledge with authority. Neither works well without the other. Nature's requirements are non-negotiable and societal commitments must be supported, exhibiting equanimity and order. This is the phenomenon of dual control, a critical underpinning in the legitimacy of nations and organizations, supporting the health and well- being of the people. This is Comprehensive Integrated Medicine and Health (CIMH).

The commitment

The commitment in question, by nations, is to assume responsibility for the health and well-being of the people -- for providing the environment and the resources for this to the degree possible. We refer to this as "The Big Step Forward." This is a decision of ancient origin -- to commit to the care of the people first, with other aspects of governance supporting this. In these post-post-colonial times, responsibilitiy and cooperation look better and better.

The plan

The key to health is in the preferences of the people. All things being equal, what would they like to do, who would they like to be? Enough with wallowing, how and why would people want to lift themselves out of disease, disability, and disease, to the degree possible. Government can rearrange the incentives and possibilitiies, leading to achievement of Optimum Performance Living (OPL) as the principal goal. This underscores a new generation of commercial and service opportunities.